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Sylph - 03-21-2011

This person claiming to be Brian West with a thick India Indian accent left a voicemail from an 'Unknown" number; saying to call the above number because there are unpaid loans in my name from internet sites. NOT TRUE! These people refused to give any business name that they are calling on behalf of. They had my SSN!!! Demanded that I call a lawyer and get a letter to say it wasn't me. Refused to give any details as to whom to send said letter to; was incredibly rude and hung up. When I called back, saying I was a lawyer a "Tony Davis" flat out told me I was a liar and wanted a name to check on the National Bar Association list.

I got a friend who is a lawyer to call, she was hung up on. Can someone please publish a list of who to call and report this kind of scam?

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Brian West
Number: 866-659-7342


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