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Leigh - 07-21-2010

These people have called me two and three times a day on my cellphone from both of the above numbers. They are buring my cellphone up. If they put me over my minutes they will be paying for the over charges. I have called them back they give no information but want to give them my name, social security number, and address so they can verify the account. Verify what? I have nothing with them and dont intend to give them my information so that they can create something with them. They wont help or give information as to why they are calling. They keep saying they are taking my number off of the call rotation but they never do. I have blocked on number already and now they are calling fromj two differnt ones. I am going to the FCC and whomever regulates the collection agencies.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Steven Michaels and Associates


Roger - 02-23-2009

Asked for me by name, call was about my friend's debt amounting to $3,500, told caller I'm not in touch with her anymore. No reason to call me.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Stephens Michaels Associates Inc


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