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JULIE - 06-12-2014

They are collection calling us saying we signed up for service, already made a payment and now want the balance due. Gave me the last 4 digits of our bank account number & name of our bank but for some reason, could not give me the amount we supposedly already paid, check number or when it was paid so I could find this payment. I have found other sites with lots of people saying these people call out of the blue & want $$$ and threaten to send you to collections. Told the guy that without a contract we weren't paying anything. He says that he couldn't have gotten our bank information out of the blue so obviously it wasn't a scam and I told him it's actually quite easy to get the last 4 digits of any account number and that we were disputing this and to go ahead to send to their legal department.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Johnathan Freeman
Company: searchdirectus
Number: 866-817-3906


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