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Frustrated - 11-04-2011

They call and automated message says this call is (And says my name), then says If this is (My Name) press 1, if this is not (My Name) press two. I do nothing and after fifteen seconds or so go by the voice says Good Bye and hangs up. I've searched the internet and most post say Debt collector but I have NOTHING past due or unpaid on ANYTHING. I have also seen other post about this number trying to sell Mobile Phone plans, AC units, etc so who knows, sounds like a scam to me. I never pressed 1 or 2 so I never found out why they are calling me, and I have never gave my number out to anyone other then family except my doctor (KP), and of course AT&T knows it, but it's in my wife's name but the caller asked for me by my name very puzzling.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Computer Automated
Number: 866-842-8861


James - 10-06-2010

They computer call us repeatedly asking for someone who used to have this number years ago. They call all the time. If you press a number to let them know that the person is not at this number but they still keep calling. I have even pressed the number to talk to someone but no ones is there. They are a complete scammers and avoid like aids.

I have filed at least two complaints with the FTC but they have failed to do anything.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: AMO
Number: 866-842-8861


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