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WJ Spicerman - 05-06-2016

Merrick Bank from 866-874-0110 as a Collection Agency called on May 5th 2016 - 1:42pm and 3:11pm PDT

This and several other 800 type numbers are solely from the collections arm of Merrick Bank. They are not shy about harassing people if they think certain people can be reached at a given number, even if those people (credit card deadbeats) are no longer using that number. You may have gotten a new number formerly used by a person in a bad-debt crisis, and if Merrick Bank thinks that person (formerly using your new number) can be reached there, they wont quit ever, regardless of how much you explain the situation (i.e. like a new number cellphone account etc.). They like to call leaving a voicemail message to "call Merrick Bank at.." ..this or 30 other collections numbers they use. If they call and you pick-up they will hang-up because that would mean they'd have to identify themselves, which is something they don't ever do, despite whatever they tell you over their mail phone line.

If you need to deal with this bank its best to call them back at their main number 1-800-204-5936. There you will at least deal with nice people. The people working at their collections group are nasty, sometimes rude, and very disrespectful, because they assume you're a creepy deadbeat unwilling to pay your bills.

I have an account with them which I pay always on time or ahead of time. But they keep calling me hoping to get a hold of someone else who they are convinced uses my tel. number (maybe she did once but now its my number not hers). I called their main number six times to iron out the situation. The people working there in the collections dept are almost as bad as the people they are trying to harass. And harassment is illegal for any reason.

Now when I call there and identify myself, they ask me to wait a few minutes and come back recording my call, because I told them I've contacted a Philadelphia lawyer regarding their bad-debt harassment issues by them toward me, all things that I have nothing to do with.

Be careful these people are sharks.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: not given most of the time
Company: Merrick Bank collections dept
Number: 866-874-0110


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