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JSI - 08-28-2012

Getting faxes from them every 2-3 days on average. Called repeatedly to tell them to knock it off. If I get one more, I am going to track them down, and make sure it stops. I just haven't had the inclination before now. However, now that I'm pissed off, I am going to take action......

Caller type: Fax Machine
Company: Some Vacation company
Number: 866-881-4784


Louise - 08-24-2012

You are faxing to my phone number and I am SERIOUSLY ANNOYED by this. I don't want your advertising anyway, so just knock it off and quit wasting my paper!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: 1-800-991-5733
Company: some vacation place-looks like a scam
Number: 866-881-4784


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