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matt - 10-19-2010

My phone rang every day for approximately 2 weeks, yet the caller would never leave a voice mail. It was not until I called the number back that I learned of the company number and heard a pre-recorded message that I was called "to satisfy an outstanding debt." When I spoke to a live representative and stated my phone number, the rep stated that the company was trying to reach a "Mr. Wig Tingle." I replied that I knew of no such person and advised I was recording the entire conversation. Furthermore, I stated that I had high suspicion that this number was part of a scam. The representative then said something about an "automatic dialer" that they utilized had been acting up lately and calling people in error. When I demanded that my number be removed unless the rep could prove that I owed a legitimate debt, he replied, "Okay, sir, no problem. Take care." How often do collections agencies respond so cordially? I believe that this "agency" is nothing more than a scam.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Bay Area Credit Service
Number: 866-882-7666


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