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Tammy - 04-08-2014

Caller was very rued and acted like I had the money to pay my bill which is only 4 DAYS past due and just didn't want to. I explained as soon as I have the funds they will be paid. That my bills for their service have cost more in the past few months than all last year and I fell behind after I exhausted my savings. Not good enough. Got threatened with a service shut off! I explained I haven't been late nor had any outstanding balance in quite sometime. Didn't matter. Pay bill immediately or be shut off. Can't find my magic wand to make the payment.. so I guess I'll stress over the shut off coming while I try for funds to pay them.. then pay all the extra fees they tack on for the shutoff! I guess it's good to be a monopoly in a State that doesn't have a commission to complain to. They know NY is about the only State that doesn't have one, so they seem to take advantage of it.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Agent 526
Company: National Grid
Number: 866-892-3281


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