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Annoyed By Cedy Callers - 12-17-2008

Called Me Informing of $$$ Owed,$2,000 & Taking Over and Mentioned The Month of April (2008) in which another (shady) representitive a guy that is who I think his name was (Owen) fr Allied Mediation Group said I owed $$$ too also. Did not catch on the obvious RED FLAGS consisting of partial S.S.# mentioned, assuming I was at a old address, setting up a payment plan via email (LOL) but I was stupid enough to tell the a-hole my current #. When I decided to look up AMG it turned out to be a SCAM that listed the SAME & Similiar Scenarios ol Owen & AMG was doing.
As for QAR they have a laundry list of the SAME methods & tactics used on everyone the bother and annoy you to death so that they can get some $$$ from you.
Their current method just does not make sense where its a legal matter that needs to be settled and contacting a lawyer. Yeah A Lawyer sounds good for me so that I can Counter Sue w/ my personal journal of times & dates you constantly call me. There are a slew of Red Flags QAR has obviously done in realms of the way they answer their phone,phone call patterns and Miss Milller personally said to methey are NOT a collection agency so if ur not then you are just f-kn basically making phone call harassments with no merit. If you were legit would be different, I do not acknowledge Scum Suckin A-Holes like you! Keep those calls summin cuz I am so lookin into suing u f-kers!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Melissa Miller
Company: QAR
Number: 866-892-4564


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