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michele - 01-26-2015

Today 01/26/2015 I received a call from "Revenue Reporting". Prior to making a phone call to me, who the person calls herself, Miss Joan, had called my ex boyfriends mom, which I have no idea HOW they found her phone number. They were looking for me, but mom did not give them any info, just said she does not know where I am. I got the voice mail on my old back up said......this is Revenue Reporting, we have a claim against you, FROM 4 YEARS AGO, please call me.....Miss Joan to fill out the needed paper work. Very important that you return the call. Ok....I called, there was no Miss Joan, some young girl was asking me all kinds of crazy questions regarding an old Bank account (which has been closed for 4 yrs.) . She asked if I remember owe-ing a payday debt that was being deposited in that bank account, 4 yrs. ago (SERIOUSLY?????) I said to her, my words......ARE YOU FOR REAL????? She then said well they want their money and you will be going to civil court and have all the fees, such as attorney, court and back interests to pay. I then said to her, I will not give you any info, such as where I live, I told her I have no money, no job, I live in a shelter. You are wasting my phone minutes, and I hung up. The phone number is 866-894-9913, PLEASE catch these phonies!!!!!! Thank you

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Miss Joan or Miss Stone
Company: Revenue Reporting
Number: 866-894-9913


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