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Roy - 03-24-2017

Thank you for posting info you've received on these assholes! I just lost my shit on them! They said they are looking for someone & would like to know of their where abouts. They stated the persons full name. How do they get my number? They are complete smartasses & very rude. Hung up on me 4 times. The first time, the guy was rude to me right off the bat! I will be reporting this. Thanks for the help. I will also be blocking

Company: CFS Modiations
Number: 866-896-8164


Siegfred - 03-23-2017

This idiots have been calling me at work with a robo calls for three months now trying to collect a debt from someone I don't know. I've called them back a few times requesting that they cease calling me. They say they will remove my number from their list but they never do.

Now the last little jerk that answered the phone started giggling like a little schoolgirl when I asked him to remove my number from his callback list. He claimed he was with a government entity in Texas and investigating a formal complaint. He didn't understand that telling me that a certain person owes a debt is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the little 'effer told me to go to back to school when I tried to tell him what kind of trouble he will be if he keeps up his crap.

Isn't that cute?

They answer the phone as CSS or CFS (the last guy had a speech impediment so it was hard to make it out). When I asked what agency he was with, he refused to tell me. I asked for the name of the company, he refused that, too despite answering the phone as CSS or CFS. He wouldn't tell me his name or let me talk to his supervisor. These things are also violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This is what you do when this happens to you. Visit the FTC website and file a formal complaint. If the idiot claims he's with the government, file a complaint about a government impostor. If he admits only to being a shady debt collector, file a complaint against a debt collector.

Do the exact same thing with your State Attorney General. There are typically forms on your State Attorney General's Page that you can fill out and submit online.

I followed mine up with a complaint in both my state and in Texas because the dolt claimed he was in Texas.

Don't let these clowns continue to disturb your peace.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: The Representative Refused to Give HIs Name
Company: CFS Litigation or CSS LItigation
Number: 866-896-8164


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