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Called by 866-934-7381 - 06-29-2010

Called by 866-934-7381 on June 29th, 2010
It is a Collection Agency named NCO.
They collect delinquent tolls on behalf of Texas Tollway Authority.
The Texas Toll Authority provides information on their website about NCO, "their" collection agency at

It is regarding delinquent tolls for a vehicle that I had leased, and returned.
The toll violations occurred a few months after I returned the leased vehicle.
I provided this information and document to NCO.
I was contacted in call campaigns by NCO collection phone representatives over the past couple years. They read that the vehicle toll violations had been researched.
It was noted in their system that after some research the vehicle had been found to have transferred ownership when I had returned it.
They wanted me to pay some of the tolls for the time period between when I returned the leased vehicle and when they had record of the vehicle changing ownership.
In the State of Texas a license plate stays with the vehicle when it is sold or transferred. The Title is transferred to the owner but the owner receives the vehicle with the plates that were on it. the Owner receives a new Registration Sticker to place in their lower left corner of their vehicle which matches the Vehicle license plate.
I was shocked. I had not driven this vehicle on the Texas Tollway system. they had sent pictures of the vehicle being observed by camera as passing through a toll collection point. dated after when I had returned the vehicle to the dealer I leased it from.
They wanted documentation on the return date from the dealer.
I indicated that the dealer ceased to exist, that they had been closed as a result of the Car Dealer closures in 2009. that they no longer existed, that they were not purchased by another dealer and that I had no way of obtaining what they requested.
I asked them to provide some proof of the debt.
They still continue to call.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: NCO on behalf of Texas Tollways
Company: NCO on behalf of Texas Tollways
Number: 866-934-7381


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