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source rm - 08-23-2009

Business Contact for Source RM
Address:3859 Battleground Ave.Greensboro,NC27410
Original Business Start Date:March 2008
Principal: Mr. Mark Littrell
Source RM has a BBB Rating of D+.
Reasons for this rating include:
*Length of time business has been operating.
*19 complaints filed against business

this collection agency is on the national watchlist if they contact you. you are in danger of fraud and having your money stolen hang up and call a attorney

Under Provisions of Federal Law
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
It is Illegal for Debt Collectors to:

*Imply that failure to pay the debt could result in arrest, imprisonment, or garnishment of wages;
*Call consumers at work when they knew the consumers' employers prohibited such calls;
Talk with third parties, including neighbors, children, and employers, for purposes other than acquiring location information about consumers, without consumers' consent;
*Cause the telephone to ring, or engage a person in telephone conversations, repeatedly or continuously, with the intent to annoy, abuse, or harass a consumer;
*Threaten to take action -- such as filing a lawsuit -- when they did not intend to do so;
*Call consumers at times or places that they knew or should have known were inconvenient;
*Fail to notify consumers of their right to dispute and obtain verification of their debts, and to obtain the name of the original creditor
*Continue to try to collect debts after consumers disputed them in writing, and before verifying the debts.
*Use obscene or profane language

Company: Source Receivable Management
Number: 866-938-8060


Deborah - 05-26-2009

a computerized caller calls everyday asking for an unknown person to call back with an ID>#
i just want the calls to stop- it's very annoying!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 866-938-8060


Ashley - 01-28-2009

Annoying calls every other day from this collection agency. They keep asking for a Patricia Mendez. Even accused me of lying and pretending to be not her. These jerks are unbelievable!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Accounts Receivable Management
Number: 866-938-8060


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