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Annoyed - 11-06-2009

These people keep calling me about a so-called debt from 1995!!! I told them that this is the first time I am hearing about this and that it has never been on my credit report. I asked them to send me all the information that they have on this debt. They are refusing to send me anything in writing. I am turning them into the NY Attorney General.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Corey
Company: IRM
Number: 866-974-6204


SEL - 09-28-2009

Here's info on the company per the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office:

Fictitious Names N/A
Filing # 800155279
Filing Type Foreign Limited Liability Company Filed under Act Foreign LLC; 1003 of 1993
Status Good Standing
Agent Address 455 W MAURICE STREET, HOT SPRINGS, AR 71901
Date Filed 04/29/2009

Officers ROBERT VAN DE MARK , Incorporator/Organizer
Foreign Name N/A
Foreign Address 2801 WEHRLE DRIVE, SUITE 2, WILLIAMSVILLE, NY 14221
State of Origin NY


Robert Van De Mark - Owner
Legal Servicing, LLC
2801 Wehrle Drive, Suite 5
Williamsville, NY 14221
Contact(s):Robert Van De Mark - Owner

Business Classification: Collection Agencies
565-9300 (No area code showing but assumed one in NY)
They apparently just opened for business several months ago. Maybe those of you pestered by this company will want to give the owner a call. Anyway, I have no intention of calling these folks back --- they can send whatever they have in writing. Should be interesting since my debts were all paid off eons ago, so...

Number: 866-974-6204


Laura - 09-02-2009

SCAMMERS AND THEIFS! Trying to get your major credit card numbers saying you owe debts from places you never had a credit card from. I highly recommend this company be turned into the FEDERAL authorities for this unacceptable thing they are doing to thousands of people!!

Caller type: Other
Caller: MICAH
Company: IRM
Number: 866-974-6204


IRMI got them - 07-15-2009

Here's a scripted letter I sent to them (by Fax)

IRM (866) 974-6204
via Fax (716) 565-9399 (10:40am)
Called to verify fax rec’d.
Fax Confirmed 10:47am
Buffalo NY

Attn: Collection Manager / Supervisor

Acct / File # 09-108190

In reference to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 USC 1692g, I’m disputing the alleged debt associated with “VICTORIA SECRET”

You had (3) yrs. from the date the Account was closed or date of last transaction activity to file a Warrant in Debt for the $507.64 amount. Since I reside in Virginia, you must abide by Virginia “Statute of Limitations” (VA Code §8.01-249 (Para. 8) time period as required by law). Collection on this account is not legally enforceable/valid because Victoria Secret failed to enact proper legal collection within (3) yrs. of the account being closed or last payment activity.

Please take the following immediate actions:

(1). Contact all (3) Credit Bureaus and remove this information from my Credit Files today.

(2). Since VICTORIA SECRET closed my account Dec. 06, 1998, the Statute of Limitations became in effect and expired Dec. 06, 2001 for any collection attempts. Statute of Limitations clearly stated by Virginia law this Credit Card is considered an Open/Revolving Account and VICTORIA SECRET did not file a Warrant in Debt within (3) years of the account being closed (Dec. 06, ‘98). The VA Statue of Limitations expired Dec. 06, 2001 and this debt is not legally collectable.

(3). IRM is hereby legally notified (as of July 15, 2009), your Collection Agency is restricted and no longer authorized to contact me by phone for any reason. Any further calls to my residence will constitute telephone harassment under FCC Law.

Please fax your written correspondence to me today to (757) 498-1167 to confirm your intentions.

I look forward hearing from you today (by fax or email) to confirm you have promptly removed your negative reporting to my (3) Credit Bureaus as legally warranted and justified. Should IRM fail (or willfully neglect/refuse) to remove negative remarks off my (3) Credit Bureaus immediately, I will personally seek $2,500 in justifiable damages for each negative report totaling up to $7,500.


Number: 866-974-6204


Rocket - 07-02-2009

I talked to a jack A%* named Cory who told me his company is IRM...and that I needed to give them my name before he could tell me what the call was regarding...He was cocky and short...When I asked what his company does he said "there are many aspects to his company because it is so large"! so large that there isnt anything on the internet about them except negative press on sites like these... Now I am returning the favor and calling them over and over again from a blocked number! if we all do that maybe they will get the hint...

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: IRM
Number: 866-974-6204


Cookie - 05-26-2009

Caller said there is an important message for me but number can't be contacted when I called back.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: IRM
Number: 866-974-6204


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