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Doyle Boothroy - 05-30-2011

Caller first called Friday afternoon,May 27, 2011. Advised we had won a prize. Wanted to know if we would be home on Sat. May 28 at 1:00PM. Said all we would need was a valid drivers license. I said OK. My wife and I decided it might be a scam. We were going out of town for the weekend and didn't want anyone prawling around our house with us not home, so she called him back that evening and canceled the one oclock meeting. He advised we had his number and to call him to make another appointment. Sun. afternoon my daughter called and I told her about this incident. She looked it up on google and told us not to call back because she felt it was a scam also.
At 9:30PM Monday evening my wife was talking to a friend in FL and the phone ring-she did not stop her call and answer. When she finished her call, we looked up on caller ID and noticed the caller was from this number 876-259-5339 and wass a Jamaica call. We are reporting this to our local Sheriff.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David Washington
Company: Mega Million
Number: 876-259-5339


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