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Proctor - 02-03-2014

Today (2014-02-03) my voice-mail box was called by "Tom Parker" from "the Publisher's Clearing House" to deliver to me a "certified cashier's check written from the Bank of America for 950,000 U. S. Dollars". The call raises numerous red flags. (i) I never enter PCH Sweepstakes. (ii) The check has to be delivered "today". (iii and iv) The caller will deduct the tax; translation: to receive my $ 950,000, I must send a check to the caller for some innumerable thousands of "U. S. Dollars" (a term for dollar used outside, not inside, the U. S.). (v) The caller's "toll-free number", viz, 876-593-4162, is not from a toll-free area code, but from a Jamaican area code. In fact, the call was made from 876-289-8068.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 876-289-8068


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