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Marshal Dillon - 04-07-2010

0 This number belongs to some non-working, never-done-anything-constructive-in-their-lives, human slugs that are wasting yet more of the planets air supply. The number is from Kingston, JM, and they shop obituaries looking for old people to convince that they need to send cash. NEVER publish an obituary. Particularly if it is a situation with elderly or retired military persons. The call you get can be in order to 'claim' a prize, or just threatening calls. By internet, they will shop neighbors to call and even local police to get at their targets if they feel they are ripe enough. These are bottom feeders of the lowest human filth. Right in there with child molesters, wife beaters, murderers and rapists. Anyone sending them cash is supporting their useless existence, so don't do it. Just don't answer any call from 876 period.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 876-293-3162


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