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Not so Stupid - 11-17-2014

Called at 7:30 in the morning to tell me I won 1.5 mil dollars from PCH! Said as soon as I paid the 160 bucks a crew would come to my door and deliver my check. When I told him I was recording this phone call and that not only was I not going to pay him a dime for money I won but I would turn him over to the authorities, he said have a good day and hung up.
Please people don't fall for the scam. If you truly won anything you would NOT I repeat NOT have to pay a dime up front for it. The IRS would get their pound of flesh later and a legitimate person would personally be standing there with your prize being sure you are filling out proper paperwork afterwards, not before.

Caller: Michael
Company: Said PHC came from Jamaica
Number: 876-297-5971


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