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Jorge Mendonza - 12-16-2013

Someone called from this number last night to say I'd won 1.2 million but had to call back to a number he provided, which was the same number he called on according to caller display. He called back the next morning to ask why I hadn't called in as requested, and that the package was waiting to be delivered. When I said I was busy he became very aggressive during the call. At that point he said he'd pass me on to his "CEO" but instead of playing along I hung up.

Very clearly a scam. UPS won't be calling to let someone know they won something as that responsibility would belong to the company giving out the prize. And, of course, I haven't entered any contest or prize draw worth that much.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Did not provide one
Company: Said was UPS but very unlikely
Number: 876-341-6379


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