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Mac - 10-23-2015

My parents received a call from this number 876-351-6039.(From Jamaica) The guy said his name was James Chambers and they told them that they were winners of the US Mega Home Millions. They said that they had won $20million and a new Mercedes Benz. They had my parents western Union them a total of $3k split between a Deloyce Easterling from Collins, MS and a Beverly Murray from Lithuania, GA. They told them that the money was for to pay the taxes on the winnings, after they wired the money they came back and said they needed another $5K. I'm so glad my mother decided to tell me what they were doing before they sent any more money. They have been calling them every day for three weeks and sometimes call three or four times a day. This is totally ridiculous. I hope they get caught!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: James Chambers
Number: 876-351-6039


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