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Kevin - 01-10-2014

This person called claiming to be with Publisher's Clearinghouse stating that I won 1.5 million dollars and that it would be delivered at 3:00pm today. Very hard to understand. I believe he may have been electronically disguising his voice. He gave me information regarding the "prize" and then wanted personal information from me. When I stated I wasn't comfortable giving personal info over the phone, he tried to tell me that it wasn't personal info he was asking. If marital status, employment status, two forms of ID, etc. etc. isn't personal, I don't know what is. When I told him I'd give the info to the person delivering my check, he hung up on me... so much for my 1.5 mil. I'm sure he's succeeded at this in the past. Help spread the word about this scum to stop him from doing this again and again. Thank you.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Bobby Roy
Number: 876-395-5341


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