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keith - 03-27-2014

Careful of a phone scam that is currently going on...I just received a phone call a bit ago that said I won 11 million dollars and a New Mercedes. Fellow claimed he worked for UBS and his name was John Berry and gave a phone number of 250-422-2437 went on to give a check number of M05733927M and a package number of P0571P and Itme number of C660
Caller ID was phone number 876-422-2437 I was instructed to pay a "Fee" of $500 collect my money and car. They gave me a person to pay as Patricia Samuels and the address was Santoy District, Santoy Pa.

When I said "So the information I am reporting to the FBI is..." he basically said bye sir and hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: John Berry
Company: UBS
Number: 876-422-2437


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