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Annonymous - 07-24-2010

The phone number (877)683-7839 belongs to "Vantage Sourcing, LLC." and is a call center that deals in debt collections. some sites are misleading to it being a company called Byrd construction... here is the truth. You will notice they do not leave messages, this is due to their privacy clause... Here is thier info:

Vantage Sourcing, LLC.
Dothan's Premier Call Center

Location and Contact Information:
Vantage Sourcing
328 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, Alabama 36303

Kim Redd, Call Center Director
(334) 836-4555

Account Inquiries Contact:

Verizon Wireless customers: (866)614-4404
Americash Loans customers: Contact Americash Loans directly concerning your account.
All other customers: (877)683-7839

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Vantage Sourcing LLC
Number: 877-683-7839


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