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Jason - 07-10-2013

A girl with a very plugged nose voice called my number stating that she was calling from Accelerated Servicing Group, which is no where on Google, but was also known as, Sinergy Recovery, LLC (notice the spelling of Sinergy) which is not a member of the BBB but has a grade of a B-. She stated her name was April Horton who used a lot of legal terms that don't even apply in her otherwise horrible sentence structure. She used terms such as "implications", "allegations", "review and prepare cases" (which illegal practicing businesses could and would never be able to do), "file cases, if need be", "her recommendation" She provided two numbers to return 855-208-6717 and 855-208-3523. This company is "affliated" with "The "Firm" of Johnston (Johnson) and Associates" who is opperating illegally and who have received a grade of "F" by the BBB. Are being investigated by Federal Law Enforcement Authorities, The Federal Trade Commission, and several state consumer agencies as well. They change their number as they use while calling you throughout the day, along with friends or family members they try to contact you thru, they yell, harass, and threaten. The have a voicemail when you call that states that "if you've received a court summons". Pretending to be a law firm. Refuse to be recorded when you call them. Call regarding old debits paid or not, focus on people with bad credit, senior citizens, and people who are uneducated regarding the Fair Debit Collection Practices Act. Know the laws in your state regarding debit collection and debit collection practices. They have to be able to provide you in written form validation of the debit and the original company the alleged debit stems from, not by phone, and not by email. Some states and laws make it illegal for them to take the funds out of your bank account and how much interest they can charge. Most pay day loan scams violate all of these laws and rules and regulations. They will continue to call, do not answer, do not admit to any debit to these people, run your credit report, if you are in question to whom you have actual debits, verify them through your credit report, debit accounts bought and sold report on your credit report, most follow the law, do not call you at work, friends and or family looking for you, do not harass and threaten you and use scare tactics and pretend that they are law firms.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: April
Company: The Firm of Johnston and Associates
Number: 877-684-7731


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