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Central Office: RALEIGH, NC - ALEC, INC. - NC [?]

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DavidH - 07-15-2010

I think these collection agencies are just making the rounds. One gives up and gives the account to another. Regardless, I wish they'd get on the ball and find out if they do indeed have the correct phone number for the person they're trying to collect from.

It is possible these calls are coming in for someone who had my phone number in the past since I did get a new number a few months ago and that's when the calls started.

What irritates me is that it doesn't do any good to call them and ask that they stop calling. They are rude and invasive - asking questions that are personal to me when the person they're trying to collect from is someone I DO NOT KNOW.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 919-746-7431


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