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Central Office: IRVINE, CA - PACIFIC BELL [?]

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joe - 10-29-2010

Calls about once a week. When I answer there calling system screws up and disconnects. When I call back I am usually intercepting there outgoing call from there system so I hear it dial a number. If I say hello someone asks for a single first name only and if I say no its not me they instantly hang up. I called back again and intercepted another outgoing call and said Hello, the man on the other end asked for someone again, I said: "Wait a minute this number calls my house at least once a week and no one is there." He Responded: "So your not , then I have no idea who you are." and immediately hangs up. No interest other than finding the person that he is looking for. Don't answer the phone if this CTI calls you, just block the number with your phone if your able to. I have now filed a complaint with the FCC/FTC about this number/company.

Caller type: Other
Number: 949-752-2835


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