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Get Even - 10-24-2012

I've been getting their calls for weeks now at my business, which forwards to my cell after hours, with calls coming in several times a day, mostly in the afternoon, through the evening. The content of the calls (or lack thereof) is the same as stated above.

Today, I had about an hour and a half drive in the evening, and decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. Instead of listening to news or music, I decided to call them non-stop until I got to my destination. I muted my end as the call started, and just pestered the snot out of them for the entire drive.

At first, there was no answer, so I just let it ring. Then, they started to answer, asking for my first name. But, with no response, they just hung up after a while. Of course, I immediately called back.

After many calls, they put me on hold immediately after picking up. So, I would hang up, and immediately call back again.

I ended up getting about five different people maximum, but it could have been as few as three, as I did recognize the same voices, using different "tones" on several calls. It appeared that I got some supervisor type at some point, who seemed to become very exasperated, as time began to creep very slowly forward for him. I just gave him the same treatment, and continued this for the entire trip. I kept getting the same people, in random order. I could tell that every once in a while, the line staff would probably scream for a supervisor, and I would get the pleasure of torturing them for a while.

It was very satisfying and comical on my end. The stress, dissatisfaction and exasperation on their end was palpable, and I must admit that I enjoyed it immensely. The best point was when one male said after about an hour and fifteen minutes, "Stop" in a quite pathetic and quiet voice, with nothing else said.

Paybacks are a you-know-what. I will do this again if they call, and encourage all others to do the same. They obviously have a small staff in the evenings, and you can make an impression if you wish. Don't be a faceless victim!

Company: Data Integration
Number: 949-798-7054


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