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Central Office: TEMECULA, CA - 01 COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - CA [?]

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Tim Dooley - 03-18-2011

Responded to my wife's cell phone number. In message stressed urgency to call back or have attorney call back. I called the number back and spoke to man who left message. He said the firm was Morgan Law? I asked if he was an attorney and he said not yet. I asked for an address and he did not give me one. He asked for my address and said he had it and would validate it with me. While I waited for his return to the phone he hung up. He said his firm was based in California. Definitely a collection company looking to score on old bills, etc. BEWARE!!! Since he violated some laws with urgency, have an attorney call back I hope someone gets them!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Yurado Junte Alvarez
Company: Morgan Law
Number: 951-252-2628


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