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R - 08-27-2013

Solarmax Technology, Inc. (, uses telemarketers that call with caller ID of 951-266-5504 which cannot be called back. While talking on the phone with the telemarketing agent, I spoke to Craig (Supervisor) on 8/27/13 he gave me their contractor’s number 972048 and their (real) call back number 951-300-0749. I told him I was on the DNC and to insure his company never calls my DNC numbers, to inform who they purchase the number from that I would be reporting.

Whenever you get a call from a telemarketer, I always recommend getting their call back number, contractor license, location (address) and etc. before informing them that you are on the DNC. Otherwise they will hang up and your number will remain on their lists and sold to other telemarketers. In addition, file complains with BBB, social media and etc.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Solarmax Technology Inc
Number: 951-266-5504


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