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Central Office: BANNING, CA - PACIFIC BELL - CLEC [?]

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Private Info - 08-09-2011

I called this number to get the "so-called" business name in reference to one of their clients. The foreign speaking man would not give me the info. He kept asking me, "Who are you wanting to talk to?". When I told him I just needed to get the name of the business he stated that he could not give out this info and then proceeded to hang up on me. You "so-called" loan collectors and you can't even give me the name of your business? Wanna top that off? Can't make regular payment through the mail because they don't have an actual mailing address!!! BULL!!! It's a SCAM!!!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Would not give it to me
Number: 951-572-0992


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