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Not Important - 06-09-2014

971-245-0360 aka 855-287-2225 - Just called our business claiming to be a company called Google Apps aka Google Web Information Services aka Wholesale Internet Solutions, located at 11000 SW Stratus St #150 Beaverton, Oregon, USA, Word to the wise folks - this is NOT Google calling you and contrary to their claims, they are NOT authorized by Google in any way. It's just a scam SEO company with a monkey with a script in a boiler room calling you, and he was a pushy little monkey I might add. He tried to use lots of buzz words and made outrageous claims about putting our business on the Google Homepage. Clearly, he is a moron, as the only thing on the Google Homepage is Google's logo, the daily Google Doodle, and the Search bar - and it's pretty much been that way for years now. The fact that he claims to be calling from Google is against the law, and I will be reporting the call to the Oregon AG's Office for Attempted Fraud, and filing a complaint with the BBB, but even better is that the call came from a Beaverton, OR phone number. That was easily a huge red flag, especially considering that Google is actually located in Mountain View, CA. I'm surrounded by idiots...

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Douche
Company: Google Apps
Number: 971-245-0360


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