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Dave - 12-02-2013

Automated call for a 'Karen Burke' to my number (a business fax line we have)- get this about once a week now. Asked if I was 'Karen Burke' to press one- I did and heard a call center pick up- male operator asked for 'Karen Burke' and I immediately stated "This is Dave with (my company name)...operator stated "This call is being recorded- we'll remove the number" and then hung up. Let's see if this is the last call I get. When I answered with my company name, the phone disconnects automatically. When I answer 'hello' it picks it up, naturally, and goes with the connection. So when I see this number, that's how I'm answering. I think its a collection agency if I had to guess.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: unknown-sounded like debt collection
Number: 980-272-2365


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