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Snoop - 08-28-2015

I keep receiving calls from this number concerning a business matter for someone else. I have repeatedly asked them to remove my number from the file. Each time they have assured me the number will be removed. GUESS WHAT? I get another phone call. just today for the same thing. I called them back, I talked to someone who was very rude when I tried to talk to her about the situation. She hung up on me. So I called back. Guess what? She did not answer. "Joe Ross, Manager" answered. He was rather rude as well. He stated that my number would be removed. We will see.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Joe Ross
Company: ARM
Number: 855-258-4220


In PA - 01-28-2014

Nothing but a SCAM!!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Allisha Flemming
Company: ARM
Number: 855-935-3681


Joe Sevin - 08-11-2011

Got a phone call from 904-562-5243 this number and they hang up as soon as I answered it. How rude especially across the country.
Called back and this is the routine.

Them - "Ms Meyers, ARM. How may I help you?"
Me- Pretty rude to call someone and then hang up..Stop calling me.
Them- "I just walked in the door, It wasnt me"
Me- Yea right, just stop calling me - (click they hung up on me)

Called right back and same black female answered.

Them- "Ms. Meyers, ARM. How can I help you?"
Me - Stop calling (click hung up on me again)

Called back again immediately.

Them- "Ms. Meyers, How can I help you?
Me- Stop calling me!
Me- This is someone who will call you back until you listen to me. Dont hang up or I will keep calling you back. Put me on your do not call list or I will contiinuously call you back. You have called me from this number before at least twice and spammed a phone lead account, so I will keep calling until you stop calling me from Jacksonville Florida so you better stop calling me got it? Good! (I hung up)

Marketing company at best and scammer at worst. This same person has spammed my phone contact number in the business I am in.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Ms Meyers
Company: ARM
Number: 904-562-5243


Dont Call Them Back - 07-08-2010

This is Accounts Receivable Management, they usually collect on medical debt and have a branch called ARstat.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: ARM
Number: 866-932-6721


bob - 04-15-2009

Rude caller keeps calling even if I already told him that the person he's asking for is already out of the country and could not be reached even by his family!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: ARM
Number: 866-679-4046