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Bob Cadwell Is this a Scam

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Pete Macaluso - 02-06-2014

Cadwell called to say he was serving me tomorrow between 10 -11 am. I tried to tell him I would not be home. He then said he would come to my place of employment if needed. I asked him to come earlier and said he couldn't because he was tracked by GPS. Cadwell said to call 1-866-638-1964 wit h case number he gave me. I spoke with John Jefferies who was rude. Called back and spoke with Joseph MacNamara who Told me my wrong last four numbers of my S.S. I told him they had my wrong SS numbers. Told me not to worry that it was not me. I ask if they new what state they were calling. no answer. I then said your scaring the hell out of people. He then hung up.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Bob Cadwell Is this a Scam
Company: e w pendleton
Number: 866-638-1964