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Century Claims Service

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David - 01-22-2014

Century Claims Service is a phony payday loan debt collector. They purchase information from payday loan companies and do not verify that the information is correct. They threaten lawsuits and allege fraud even though they are a non-involved third party to the loan transaction and have no legal right or authority to sue or make fraud allegations. They are not licensed as a debt collector and make threats which are not allowed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They stole the name of their company from a firm in Houston, TX that appraises heavy equipment. First, I got a call about an item returned from the bank, when I've had no items returned by the bank. I said I would not talk about anything having to do with payday loans, yelled at the person answering the phone, then hung up. Then I got a call from another Colorado number 917-831-4434 from a joker who called himself Chief Baker, thus he was impersonating a police officer. He started accusing me of fraud, which is a complete scam as I have never defrauded anyone in my entire life.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Chief Baker
Company: Century Claims Service
Number: 303-835-6940