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claim to be stark recovery

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Marsha - 01-04-2016

I received a call today from TORRIE glover who reported that she was from stock recovery. she stated that I owe 450 dollars for payday loan that I took out march 21st 2013 online which I don't have no memory of doing this. She even recited my social security number so when I asked her for further information she told me that she didn't have the paperwork. she only had the information that the company gave her. I asked her for are the online company's name she still couldn't give me that so I informed her that i would just take my chances with the courts

Company: claim to be stark recovery


kk - 01-04-2016

for more on the scam

Caller type: Scammer
Company: claim to be stark recovery
Number: 866-281-6831