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Claimed to be from the IRS

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Rocky - 08-26-2014

Called twice and left a voice mail the second time, claiming the call was from the legal department of IRS and a lien was placed against is important for me to call him back. He called the 3rd time a few min after leaving the voicemail.

The caller spoke very fast and with a foreign/Indian accent. This is clearly a scam. I didn't call back.

I used to work for the IRS and IRS would never call an individual taxpayer to resolve any issue over the phone.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Nathan James with an Indian Accent
Company: Claimed to be from the IRS
Number: 202-241-0003


Bass - 07-01-2014

This is a call from a con man, he targets elderly people. Claimed his name is Steven Franklin, his voice is altered somehow most likely to make it hard to identify him. He called my parents claiming he works with the IRS, but it was hard to understand him because his voice was altered. My fathers gave him my phone number as he thought he couldn't understand him due to language barrier. He called me and claimed that their was a complaint filed against my father for filing the wrong IRS forms thus underpaying taxes by $3,200 from 2008 to 2012. He said that the call is being recorded, he said that we must get into and agreement during this phone call or they will press charges and put a lien on their property. I told him to hold on so I too can start recording the phone call. He was quite for few seconds then asked if I was trying to make any charges him, he then proceeded by warning me that he is a federal officer. I asked him for his agent ID number and the complaint he gave me some numbers and when I asked him to repeat them, he attempted but stop half way warning me again about making charges against him saying that he is a federal agent. He then said that he will send all documents in the mail to my father. One funny thing, he kept in saying my mother's name as if it is my father's name. I will call the IRS now to report him.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steven Franklin
Company: Claimed to be from the IRS
Number: 681-215-4460