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Sean - 03-20-2015

Got a call yesterday saying pay up for a plastic bootie I got when I went to an urgent care clinic last month that I was supposedly billed for but never got an invoice in the mail....for $7. I told them I don't just give my credit card info to people who call me and ask for it. Send me a bill, I'll pay it. She said go to this website: Guess what? Doesn't exist. I tell her that, she says "you must have typed it in wrong". Umm no...I have a post-graduate degree, I think I can spell. I tell her if this is legit, send me a(nother) bill. I asked her when the first bill I never received was due. She said "yesterday". Really? You're harassing me over SEVEN DOLLARS that was due YESTERDAY?! Do these people have nothing better to do?!? What would happen if I owed like $20? Would they sue me in court?! IDIOTS...

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: EliteCare
Number: 855-534-2695