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Halstead Financial Services

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harbor lights - 08-04-2014

I received an automated message from phone number 210-202-0224. I could not understand the name of the company clearly on my cell phone. The message gave a different phone number (866-744-5641) to call back with a file number provided in the message. I called the number, a man answered (did not identify the company or his name), I asked him to spell the name of the company (Halstead). I asked him what kind of loans does HFS provide. He said "It's not like that kind of business. We handle financial services to our clients. Can I help you? You must have gotten a call from us?" I told him no this is a business and I was wondering why they were calling. Note: I have been under ID Theft for 5yrs and have Lifelock,IRS and Credit PIN numbers, so apparently my name is still out there.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Halstead Financial Services
Number: 866-744-5641