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James AKA Marcus

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Bill Gardener - 03-12-2019

The current owner of this phone number "JAMES" is an ECONOMIC TERRORIST conducting SCAMS over CRAIGSLIST in many states of the US. He has also been calling specific people repeatedly using the same phone number, usually women. "James" the nothing behind the phone number and refers to the "women" he claims to have slept with as, "Whores" and "Sluts" and is proud to be a self professed VILE SYCOPHANTIC PERVERT AND SEX ADDICT. He has no license to conduct business in any state that I can find. Be very warey of any contact with the demon possessing this number. I have been personal witness to this vomitous, disgusting person's evil and terrorist activities.
James (352) 278-2546
another name registered to this phone number is
Marcus L****
Carrier: Sprint
SMS Gateway Address:
MMS Gateway Address:

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: James
Company: James AKA Marcus
Number: 352-278-2546