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James Barnet

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Amber - 04-25-2012

I am writing because there is a man who address himself as " James Barnet" who has called me from # 513-301-7561 saying he was representing the "Clear Water Lottery Corp.". He called last week saying I had won over $490,000. And wanted me to pay $350 for federal handling to my house. He had my name and my previous address.This is not the first time he has called but previously used a different # and tactic. He called me back after I had hung up on him shouting profanities about my husband; this is what alerted me he called before. I called his number back today and he answered as a coffee or copy shop ( I could not understand which one because of his thick Indian accent) but hung up. This is attempted fraud and am sure I was not the only one called but others may have payed this man money with high hopes. I have Googled this number and I am not the only person who has written about this man. Is there anything that you can do? I have tried googling this "Company" but the only thing that comes up is a town in clear water Florida. Thank you for your time

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: James Barnet
Company: Clear water Lottery Corp
Number: 513-301-7561