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Janet Wise Adam Bryant

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jack - 06-09-2015

Received a call from unavailable number today by a woman named Janet Wise who gave me a case number and then this phone number. Then I got on the line with an extremely rude woman who proceeded to tell me I opened up a credit card in 2007 (I was 12 years old in 2007) that I haven't been making payments on since 2011 and because I haven't been making payments and due to this, someone is going to physically come out and serve me court papers and summons. Then she proceeded to ask me if I knew of any family members who could possibly commit fraud against me. Then she proceeded to get very loud and defensive when I asked where she was calling from. Told me I was being sued, still being very angry. Told me she didn't care if I went to NJ Court to verify this nonsense or not, she's "just trying to help me", and then cut me off mid sentence to put me on hold with a supervisor named Adam Bryant. The company's name is Legal Support Services. Have no idea how they obtained my social security number. They even got my birthday wrong. WATCH OUT

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Janet Wise Adam Bryant
Company: Legal Support Services
Number: 714-699-3172