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low life w i p e

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Bugga - 06-13-2013

Anthony Johnson calls my work and asks to speak to HR, regarding our company policy for having an employee served legal documents on the premises. What these morons don't know is that our HR (and most others, too) are wise to this BS, and can smell a scam through the phone. I guess the first tip off was "Mr. Johnson" did not identify what company he allegedly works for. Then giving a "case" number, plus a 800 number is pretty suspicious. I know the economy is bad and people are scrambling for jobs, but no way in hell would I ever sink to the levels these bottom feeder collection employees do. They are counting on the fact most people are not aware that there is a statute of limitations for debts (4 yrs. for Ca) and of their (the consumer's) rights, and use threats and intimidation tactics to force people to pay on old debts. Anyway, I did a search on the number, and all I saw were stories similiar to mine, so decided to add my two cents. DO NOT let them intimidate you into paying, especially by empty threats of legal action. And for Pete's sake, do not give them any personal info-address, bank account, CC numbers, SSN, etc. You will be screwed if you do. Just ignore, and do not call back. Then buy a Panasonic phone with the call blocking feature and frustrate them a bit more. That is what I have at home, and guess they are getting tired of the busy signal each time they call. lol.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Anthony Johnson bogus of course
Company: low life w i p e
Number: 855-263-4158