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Mike Ingram r Michael Ingram

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Report Your EX - 09-26-2013

Mike Ingram, Michael Ingram, Commerce, GA is a mastermind at cheating. He appears to have some sort of mental issue in that he cannot remain faithfulalways has 3-5 women he is talking to at once. He hunts for women n clubs, locally, n on free dating sites. He met me on a free dating site n we hit it off immediately. He reassured me he was honest, honorable man who's simply looking for a good woman to have a long term relationship. He attempted to get me to come to his home after only having dinner with him once, but I refused. I later came to visit him in Commerce, GA. He was very attentive n romantic at first but I began to notice things that did not add up. He would not take me out to eat or n public n town where he lives. He carries 2 cell phones all of the time n always looking at his phone n texting, often getting up and going outside to talk. He moves very fast, telling you everything you want to hear… how he wants to marry you, take care of you, love you forever, take you away on romantic trips to the mountains, but then things begin to change. He tires of a woman after a week or two. If you question him in any way he gets very defensive will get angry, accusing you of doing things you are not. He tells so many lies he begins to get confused about his own lies will slip up. He had a Stable Hand/ Farm Hand who saw all of the women who came to his home. This man liked me n saw that Mike was hurting me so he told me to be careful. I began watching Mike’s behavior and found out that he was having a relationship with other women he met on same dating site he met me m with a woman named Veronica in Beaumont, TX. If you have money, be especially careful as he preys on women who are financially secure or who have money. He told his Stable Hand that I had won a personal injury lawsuit n that he “might hold onto me so that he could get some money”. He is VERY manipulative but not very intelligent. If a woman is too smart for him he gets rid of her quickly as he knows that she will figure out what is going on. Ladies, please be careful as he refuses to use protection and will try to convince you not to make him. He does not care if you become pregnant or catch some terrible disease. He simply has not empathy or compassion for anyone other than himself. He refers to his male member as The Hammer n will ask if you want The Hammer… Ladies run as fast as possible from The Hammer or risk being hurt emotionally and physically. Good luck.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Mike Ingram r Michael Ingram
Company: 152 Ingram Rd Commerce Ga
Number: 706-708-6104