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Mr Milton

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ANGRY as HELL - 06-08-2012

Mr Martin, I have never heard a Collector or as you call yourself an investigator (to scare people) be as rude as you are. You refuse to listen and only want to overspeak the other person on the phone. You refuse your address because you are are afraid I might come to your address and kill you. Are you serious? You said that we can not send a payment via the mail either by a debit card or moneygram. Why so it is impossible to track? You skated all around the FDCPA but you have broken a few. I have since sent 2 complaints off. I am sure you scare people to pay you but that doesn't work all the time. Maybe listen to the people a little and you might make more. You give the good collectors a bad rap who work in this business and have been successful and actually want to work with people. Not a lot of collectors work like you and your co-workers. You thrive on human fear which people will do anything sometimes to get people to stop. I know you will not listen to the post but it makes me feel better and to get it off my chest and mind one last time. Good Luck in future for you and all workers at Purdie & Associates.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Mr Milton
Company: Purdie Associates
Number: 770-277-8901