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Paul Porcaro Samantha Skelly

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gwen - 08-23-2019

They tell me I have to buy new digital phones for our business's renewal. So I got the number from my bill, called AT&T, renewed our agreement yesterday. The girl at AT&T gave me her email. Today the guy calls back & threatens to cancel the agreement so I emailed AT&T, told them all about the harassment and this is what was responded to me: I will forward your information to my manager to report this. This is a vendor trying to force you to voip right now. My manager did advise me AT&T at some point years down the road may change and only go digital. At this point that is not required and your contract will not be changed. Traditional pots is what we have now as well as Digital options. There are customers that have alarm lines elevator and phone systems that are not compatible with digital so we are in no shape to force a customer to say go fiber digital or you can’t have service with us.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Paul Porcaro Samantha Skelly
Company: phony ATampT NEC
Number: 877-913-1500