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Pendulum Capital

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VictimKim - 10-02-2008

Beware !

I just got a cold call from 1-201-633-4000.
I am located in Germany !
Seems to be big fraud in financial investment!

Person named Andrew Phillips from Pendulum Capital who wanted me to invest money in stock market performing profit 50 % within one week !

Name of person and company seem to be just fake.

You will lose your complete money investment when you have transferred it to them. No chance to get it back, just a big fraud !

Got other calls before from other fraud companies (Fosse McKenzie Financial, Kimura Financial) and lost a lot of money on this way.

So beware of the fraudsters !

Caller type: Other
Caller: Andrew Phillips
Company: Pendulum Capital
Number: 201-633-4000