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Refused to identify himself

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outraged - 01-07-2016

My wife answered the phone to a very unpleasant individual with a rather thick, foreign sounding accent, demanding to speak to her elderly father. When she tried to explain that he was not well enough to come to the phone, the pushy pseudo "official" individual on the other end,tried to pass himself off as being from what sounded like the "refund department " though difficult to be sure due to his brusque, demanding manner and thick accent. My wife informed him that if this pressing matter was that important, then as she has full power of attorney, if he would care to state his name, company and nature of his business, then she would deal with the matter on her fathers behalf...The bullying unsolicited male caller then tried to make out that it was to do with a loan that her father has supposedly taken out...At this point my wife informed him that his information was incorrect ( without going into details she knows this for a fact ) to which the bully INSISTED that he speak to her father to verify this! My wife again asked him for his name and company, at which point the individual became rude and abusive and an argument ensued, she then threatened to report him to the Police/ relevant authorities as our phone had captured his number - at which point he actually sneered and said that if she was so ****** clever - good luck with tracking him down! I am seething with anger that such scum can not only attempt to prey upon the elderly, but that they can also make abusive unsolicited calls, invade our privacy, whilst trying to pass themselves off as being from a legitimate official body! Then when challenged to have the gall to believe that they are untraceable and above the law..

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Refused to identify himself
Company: Refused to provide his company name
Number: 021-567-8952