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noName - 12-08-2012

i got FOUR calls from this number and they where trying to sell a phone. the very first

time when i got the call i clearly explained them that i am not interested on there

product. then again after a week i got another call for the second time, this time i kept

quit so they themselves disconnected the call then again on dec/7/12 i got a call for the

third time, this time i have clearly mentioned them to remove my number from there call

list and i hung-up the call. then today (dec/08/12) i got call for forth time and a person

who called me started abusing me and after some time i got a call from a TATA land-line

number (918065470406) and this time he started the call with all shit words then i to

screwed him back then i disconnected the call. ten min's later i try giving call back to

the land-line number someone just picked and i asked him where you people are located, he

said my number and hung-up.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: www100bestbuycom
Number: 140-926-3629