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DMichal - 01-19-2016


This number has called me by name in the past claiming to be from 'Windows Tech' and that 'they got an alert that my computer has already been hacked.' They wanted me to give them information from my computer so they could show me the problem.

Knowing this was a scam and they were the hackers, I said I didnt have Windows and that I have an Apple computer, she immediately cut in and told me to hold for the Apple Tech Support. At that, I laughed to myself and hung up.

Also, there were a number of callers in the room they were in and the closest person next to her was clearly heard until she muted our call so I would not hear him.

Very convincing for the average person, please never give out info to anybody who solicits it and tries to scare you into it.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: No There were both male and females in the background calling others
Company: Windows Tech Support
Number: 120-214-8419


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